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A Coalition of Churches Caring
for Vulnerable Children


What We Do

Our mission is to mobilize churches to care for vulnerable children and fragile families, positively impacting the trajectory of their lives.

The Church Takes Action by:

Meeting immediate physical needs
  • Coordinating directly with agencies to support fragile families
  • Focusing on connections not transactions
Providing wraparound support
  • Prayer
  • Meals
  • Encouragement
  • Help around the house
Immersing your family by welcoming a child
  • God calls us to care for orphans and vulnerable children. For some of us, that may mean opening our home as a foster, adoptive, or kinship family

If you are interested in engaging your church to join the Coalition, please reach out and start a conversation about how we can partner with your church to serve vulnerable children.

Start a Conversation

Equipping Churches To Serve

Coalition of Care is a nonprofit bridge ministry focused on mobilizing churches to respond to God’s call to care for orphans & vulnerable children.

We partner with churches to establish a sustainable ministry that serves vulnerable children.


Churches are full of compassionate Christ-followers with compassion for vulnerable children. We partner with churches to mobilize, empower and train volunteers in the church to move beyond watching and worrying about the brokenness of our world, and instead to take action and have impact.


The Coalition shares processes that are proven best practices, and leverage those processes to provide easy on-ramps for church volunteers to serve and make a difference.


Meeting the needs of vulnerable children requires more than a single church effort. It requires a movement of churches, aligned to have greater impact. We believe that connecting 10% of the churches in any given community will trigger the tipping point, transitioning vulnerable children in that community from flailing to thriving.


So often our desire to help is relegated to a transaction, as we donate some stuff to “the poor”. But this creates risks of pride in the giver, and shame in the receiver. Instead, we believe that meaningful support involves relationships, and seek to build relational connection in every effort of caring for vulnerable children.


Churches are full of families who want to serve but aren’t sure how. And when serving opportunities are presented, families are often split up: dads/husbands serve in one mission, moms/wives serve somewhere else, teens serve in a 3rd mission, and younger kids in yet another. The Coalition energizes the whole church and entire families, from children to grandparents, to serve in relational, impactful ways.

Meet the Team

Amy Tuell
Amy Tuell
Julie Watson
Julie Watson
Jenny Ogbebor
Jenny Ogbebor
Chris Combs
Chris Combs

Meet The Board

Bill Locke
Board Chairperson
Vice President, Corporate Accounts & Marketing at Prasco
Alison Main
Board Secretary
Senior Director at Procter & Gamble
Chris Beard
Board Member
Lead Pastor at Peoples Church; City Servants Leadership Team
Louis Arnold
Board Member
Police Officer & Faith Based Liaison at Cincinnati Police Department
Dawn Merritt
Board Member
Beech Acres
Chris Combs
Board Member
Executive Director at Coalition of Care

Share Our Message

Our mission is to equip and mobilize churches to care for vulnerable children and fragile families, positively impacting the trajectory of their lives, before bad things happen, before a family is separated. These materials are available to help you and your church to pursue easy on-ramps to engagement.

One-Page Brochure

This document describes three easy on-ramps for churches (meeting physical needs, providing wraparound support, welcoming a child) on the front side. On the back side, the document reveals HOW we partner with churches to establish sustainable ministry, and the specific steps to engage your church. Share it with anyone who has God’s heart for the orphan and vulnerable child.

Wraparound Support Video

This succinct video gives a sweeping overview of the challenges faced by vulnerable children in our local communities and the families who welcome them. A picture is painted about how the local church can help a family grow from overwhelmed to stable through your dedicated support. While not everyone is called to welcome a child into their home, everyone can do something in this journey of wraparound support. Together we can help vulnerable children to heal, grow, and belong.

Prayer Guide

This document combines key Biblical Scripture regarding God’s heart for orphans, as well as prayers relevant to this ministry that is near and dear to God’s heart. The reverse side describes three easy on-ramps for churches (meeting physical needs, providing wraparound support, welcoming a child), along with information for those who know of specific needs. Share with pastors, church leaders, and anyone with a heart for vulnerable children.

Pastor Guide

This document is specifically tailored to church pastors who recognize God’s mandate to care for orphans, and are searching for easy on-ramps to engage their church in the mandate. It describes three easy on-ramps for churches, the tangible steps needed to create a sustainable ministry in the church, and a specific guide to energize those inside the church. The reverse side provides space for pastors to jot down notes regarding the on-ramps that are relevant to their church and their circumstance.

To engage your church
and learn more,
contact us today.

Contact Us

Coalition of Care exists to equip and mobilize a coalition of churches to engage in God’s mandate to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Please contact us if you are a leader in a local Christian church, or if you are engaged at such a church and would like to help equip your church to care for vulnerable, marginalized children in your own community.
P.O. Box 42693
Cincinnati, OH 45242