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God Has a Plan and a Purpose For All Things

It is always exciting when a church has said "yes" to engage their congregation in serving vulnerable children in our community, and even more exciting to me when I see God show up in their obedience to that calling in such sweet ways.

Recently, Hope Church in Mason responded to the call to serve families in the community by meeting physical needs. We met on their campus for orientation and everyone's excitement about what God is doing was evident by the energy of the room.

As I observed that energy, I felt God's love and compassion in the hearts of Hope's Restore leaders and was immediately blessed by their love for their community. Amidst the chatter, I subtly heard one of the team members mention that she has had a washer and dryer set aside and was unsure of what she should do with it.

I could immediately recognize God's work in action when just that week, a request came in for a washing machine. A school, in Hope Church's local community, was in need of a washer to serve a precious child with special needs who was frequently having accidents throughout the day. Even with several outfits donated to keep up with the accidents, it wasn't enough to get him through the day. A washer and dryer at the school would allow him to have clean clothes throughout the day and eliminate the need for his parents or staff to take clothes home each night to wash them.

Hope Church immediately responded to the need and connected with the school soon after, with the washer and dryer in tow. Dani with Hope Church of Mason shared "We have had this washer and dryer sitting unused in our basement for 3 years... Being able to donate the washer and dryer so that the students with special needs can have a better, more comfortable experience at school is such a blessing. It's so fulfilling being able to help our own community!"

I couldn't help but think about how I would have missed seeing how God orchestrated that fulfillment of the need had I not overheard Dani casually mention the washer and dryer in the orientation. It reminded me just how amazing our Father is to supply the needs of His children, and that He has a purpose and plan in everything, even a washer and dryer. Imagine how many more families are waiting to be blessed by the random things we have sitting in our homes today.

One of the team members mentioned that she had a washer and dryer set aside and was unsure of what she should do with it.